ASAP 2012 — 23rd IEEE International Conference on
Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors

July 9-11, 2012 Delft, The Netherlands

Travel Information
Computer Engineering Lab
Delft University of Technology
Delft, the Netherlands

Flight Information

Delft is surrounded by two large international airports at reasonable distance and one small airport at small distance.

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam
Reachable through most airliners
Located from Delft at 45 minutes by train
Trainstation: Schiphol

Brussels Airport, Belgium
Reachable through most airliners
Located from Delft at 2:30 hour by train
Trainstation: Brusel Nat. Luchthaven

Rotterdam Airport
Reachable through airliners:
KLM cityhopper
VLM Airlines
Welcome Air
Located from Delft at 15 minutes by taxi

Train Information

The public transportation is well organized in the Netherlands. Delft has two train stations of which the one named ‘Delft’ is the most convenient. Arriving at Schiphol airport, the national trainplanner provides detailed travel information. Arriving at Brussels Airport, it’s better to use the international trainplanner at Tickets can be bought at the trainstation.

Taxi Information

Traveling from Rotterdam Airport to Delft is most easily done by taxi. Taxis are found directly at the exit of the airport building. For all traveling to and from the airport, one can call the Rotterdam Airport Taxi service at 010 - 262 04 06. A trip from the airport to Delft using a taxi should cost about 25 euro.
Traveling inside Delft can also be done by taxi. At the train station taxis can be found at the main entrance. For all traveling inside Delft one can call the Delft Taxi Centre at 015-2191919.

Hotel Information

A list of hotels in Delft can be found: We suggest the following hotels:

  • Juliana (closest but not in the center)
  • De Kok
  • Leeuwenbrug
  • De Ark
  • Les Compagnons
  • Bridge House
  • Johannes Vermeer (pretty far)
  • Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre (new and good !)
  • De Vlaming
  • De Koophandel
  • Emmauspoort

The following hotels we recommend not to book:

  • Campanile Hotel is located in Rijswijk, 6km away
  • China Hotel (very far away)
  • Hotel Coen is just behind the train station (not so nice location)

Location Information:

YES!Delft Incubator
Molengraaffsingel 12-14
2629 JD Delft
The Netherlands

See venue for a map.

Additional Information:

For additional travel information or help, please contact Koen Bertels or Demid Borodin.